Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Hedgehog Diary December 16th, 2008

I am still battling with the flu here, but getting better. Our little friend Tiggy is doing really well. Brian went to town and picked up a bag of straw yesterday and Tiggy just loves snuggling up in that. But we are going to have to figure a way to keep it out of the food and water dishes. My little friend is starting to trust me I think as when I went to pick him/her up this morning she/he didn't immediately roll up into a ball. This worried me just a little about getting bitten, but after raising a few inches she/he curled right up. Tiggy has put on some weight from the first time I weighed her/him and is now 450 grams. I added a bit of a treat to the dried food today a bit of a crushed digestive biscuit. But at the moment Tiggy is sleeping and not eating. I find Tiggy wakes up about 6.00pm and has a snack and then does his/her business and then naps again until about 9.00pm and then has another snack and a bit of business. I did get up last night about 2.30 am and put some fresh food in, but it wasn't touched when I got up this morning at 6.00am. So maybe we have a piggle that sleeps during the night.
I can see why some folks keep them as pets as they are cute and fascinating creatures, but they aren't cuddly like cats and dogs or rabbits or the other little furry critters for that matter. And I liken it to having an animated pet rock. Most of the time it stays curled up or asleep conserving energy. And boy do they make alot of noise when they eat.
I ordered a cage today off ebay so hopefully that will be better than the cardboard box we have at the moment. Now I have to sort out my craft/tidy room so I can put the cage ontop of a dresser in there. My friend who has rescued Hedgehogs before says I am doing all the right things and feeding it right so hopefully this little pig will be around for some time and will hopefully eat a few of the beastly snails and slugs in my garden next spring!!!


Nettie said...

Oh my goodness...that's fantastic...he/she sure is a cute little creature

Pat said...

Hi Nettie, Thanks for dropping by. He/she sure is. LOL I expect you have some really cutties in your country. Probably good thing I don't live there. :)

POPPET said...

My kids are going to love reading about this little cuite, hugs Pops x x x

Pat said...

Aww Pops Thanks!!!! Hi Kids!!!