Monday, 5 January 2009

Hedgehog diaries Monday 5th January 2009

Happy New year all. And we have a boy. Tiggy opened up enough today for me to notice what sex he is. We have read a bit more on hedgehogs and their care. Once Tiggy reaches 600 grams and he isn't far off that now then he can start to do some hardening off, like you do with plants. So during the day we plan to possibly take him down to the conservatory where it is a little colder for him to start aclimatizing to the weather. They say that males at 800 grams will possibly strart to become a bit more anxious about getting out of their cages so this is a time to start getting them used to going back to the wild. So I think Tiggy will soon be starting his aclimation process and having a bit of getting used to the cold outside. He is at the moment at 550 grams and doing well. We did give him a bit of exercise the other night and let him wander about the bathroom where I kept an eye on him. Jingles was also very fascinated and was sitting with me watching Tiggy roam about. Then he curled up and went to sleep a few times. So I think we are doing all the right things here with our little friend. There was no sign of the other tick this morning either. So hopefully it has dropped off now.

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