Monday, 13 April 2009

Hedge Hog Diary Update

We haven't seen Tiggy since the night he was released. I really miss him. Here is his nest box under the conifers.

We rescued the old nest box and have cleaned it out and covered it in roofing felt and put a new floor in it and have filled it with straw. And the next night after Tiggy's release we had another boy show up and move in.

We have seen him off and on now for a few nights and Jingles will be outside during the evening and come running in and meow at us to let us know the Hogs are out in the garden. :)
This next photo is of another garden visitor we are happy to see visiting our garden.

It is a smooth newt. It was raining this evening and a well needed rain too. There were loads of slugs and snails out too. Well Jingles did his trick of sitting at the bottom of the stairs meowing at me. And I knew he wanted me to go look when he wouldn't come up the stairs. So off to look. I had to rush in and get Brian out of bed and in his PJs to come look. Inside our little feeding box there was a huge hedgehog in front and a smaller one behind trying to get at the food!!! I do apologize as in the excitement of the moment I didn't take out the camera.

This is our other feeding station. I have three lots of food out for them. One bowl is out in the open for any cat that might be hungry and will then leave the other two bowls alone. Or for the hedgehog that prefers not dining in fine accommodations.

And here is our new little visitor from last night. I have been thinking of doing a hog log and some how marking and checking and photographing our little visitors. But I don't want to put them off coming to the garden to eat. Will give this some more thought. The late nights are starting to tell on us too. Luckily there has been some new Red Dwarf shows to keep us going till late when these guys show up.


Paddy said...

Ho Pat, that nest box is crying out for a sign.
Looks like you are having a great time there.
But I do feel for poor Brian.
What an image of him running around in his PJ`S.

Pat said...

Thanks for dropping by Paddy. :) Oh it looks much better now with the new roof and floor and covered in straw. LOL It is a much better image of him running around in pj's than me. LOL