Friday, 22 June 2007

June 22nd 2007

Well the garden is in a lull at the moment. Just growing and some things are in flower and some things have now finished.... One thing I am really excited about is this!!!

My courgette/zucchini flowers!!! I have seen some recipes for cooking the flowers and the small courgette that is attached to the flower, but if I do that then I won't be getting a very big courgette. So I think I will let them develope a bit more and see if I can get a bigger vegetable to eat. I have already made up my mind for the first courgette. I am going to turn it into a souffle. That is once I translate the recipe from French. I can honestly say I am sorely tempted though to pick it now and have the flower stuffed with some cheese mixture and coated in bread crumbs and fried to a golden colour. The yellow just looks so fresh and summery!!!

The lavendar is going great in the front garden too!!! It smells heavenly!!

And I have started filling my vases with some of the fresh flowers to dry out for dried flowers for the rest of the year. I try not to take too many as the bees love it so.
I also did a first this year and used some of the flower buds in a cake. You can check out the recipe over on the food blog.
The beans are growing and getting bigger, still no beans yet and the currants are just starting to turn colours. The basil is getting their first set of real leaves and we have been having some of the new lettuces.
So the garden at the moment is ticking away and growing rather nicely.


david santos said...

Pretty flowers and very good text, congratulations

Pat said...

Thanks David, I do love the garden when it is all in bloom.

Elaine said...

i love lavender and yours looks so healthy just wondering where you get the time to fit it all in any tips ;)