Saturday, 9 June 2007

June 9th 2007

Well the garden is in a stage of waiting for things to grow and bloom at the moment. I went out last night to check on the plants as I hadn't gone out all day to see them, and to my horror there were slugs pigging out on my beans... It is no wonder I can't get them to grow very well. I will be saving my egg shells and drying them out and crushing and putting all around my beans now. My friend the Crafty Gardener gave me that tip. Thanks Linda. Problem is we don't eat that many eggs. Hmmm guess I need to bake a cake or something.
Well we have had one nice day where it wasn't raining or dark and gray outside so we took advantage of that and had a bbq out on the patio. That was lovely and I can't wait to have a few more. New seedlings are sprouting and others are growing. I have had my first few handfuls of red currants off the bushes so far. And using the fresh herbs in my cooking. The zucchini/courgette plants are still looking good. And I have 5 baby tomatoes on the vines. I will keep you posted as to how it is going...

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