Sunday, 23 September 2007

September 23rd, 2007

Day two of the Leggo garden.......Brian is hard at it emptying old pots of compost into our new beds. Cheeky is on inspection duty.

That pot housed my runner beans so the soil should have loads of nitrogen in it.

We usually have quite a display of pots with flowers in them. And Brian has decided this year to repot up his flower bulbs so the old compost is going into the new beds.

It was all I could do to stop him from planting the bulbs in my new veg garden!!! I really like these beds as they are just right in size for you to plant up and take care of without much strain. We also have the covers that go with the long bed and the short bed so can make poly tunnels with them so we can extend our growing seasons. I may be soon looking for the plastic to cover the small one as it is now planted up with some lettuces, carrots, radishes and more chard and today we transplanted a lettuce plant and some tiny carrots. If they grow they grow if they don't no problem.

You know that potato barrel I was telling you about..... well these are some of the potatoes we have gotten this year.

I wasn't really trying to grow them either. I may end up getting another barrel as it is really easy to grow them in it. You put your potatoes in the bottome and as they sprout you cover in dirt. When the vines die back you lift up the outside and dig out the potatoes through the holes.

They are really looking quite good now!!!

Brian has really worked hard at filling them up for me. While he was busy clearing out his bulb pots, I spent the morning tackling the neighbors honeysuckle that was taking over the Hazelnut tree and the magnolia. I also pruned those back to give the apple tree a bit more light.

This is the bounty of nuts our decorative corkscrew hazelnut tree produced. Hope it does better next year, now that honeysuckle is cut back.

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