Sunday, 27 January 2008

January 27th, 2008

Well it is still winter time here and not too much going on in the garden yet...... Well I say that but there really is quite a bit going on. We have ordered our vegetable seeds and now waiting for those to arrive and we can get busy planting and starting things inside to go out when the time is right. No doubt that Brian and I will be arguing when this is.
The onion sets I put in are growing and there are green shoots up in the one bed. The chard and spinach are doing well as is the parsley too. There are baby carrots sprouted and waiting I think for the warmth they need to get going full steam ahead. There are also one or two lettuce seedlings growing.
I put in some rhubarb along the front fence this past week and also some shallots scattered in among the onion shoots. The trick now is going to be keeping the boys out of my boxes!!!! I think I need to invest in some sticks when Brian does his next pruning of the shrubs.
The spring blubs have all sprouted up and this spring looks to be a very colourful one. We have daffodils, snow drops, primulas and some crocus up and blooming already!!!!

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