Saturday, 24 May 2008

May 25th 2008

Well we are now into the start of British summertime and the garden is well on it's way. The red currant bushes are full of little green pearls that are fattening up with each watering they receive.

I think we are going to be having another bumper crop of red currants. So any good red currant recipes are appreciated.

The Herb patch is over growing it's little border and flourishing.

These green pots contain the Cucumber, Courgette, and Pepper plants that I started from seed. I broke down and bought two Aubergine plants for the other pot. I hope they all do very well this summer. And in the fancy pots Brian has planted up some Busy Lizzies and some begonias.

This is my bean beds. The front container is my broad beans and the back houses my peas and soon to be runner beans. I am yet to see any beans or peas. I have also planted some sweet corn in both containers. I know wishful thinking. But it is all good fun seeing what I can get to grow.

The raised beds are doing well. We have been feasting on Spinach and Swiss Chard for a few months now. And the parsley is growing like mad!!!!! The onions don't seem to be doing very well at all. I think they might be too moist for their likes. Oh well. The lettuces and other plants are just starting to come up now. Soon I will take out the remaining spinach and plant French dwarf beans in that bed.

The growbags contain my tomato plants that are doing really well!!! And in the grow bag against the fence are some butternut squash plants. I hope I get some squases this year.

Cheeky definately approves of the garden and the weather finally warming up for them to enjoy the garden.

Lots of little nooks and crannies for him and Jingles to hide in. The Daffs and tulips are now gone and this is a green period right before the other plants start to bloom. It won't be long and the peonies will be open.

Brian has done a fantastic job again growing geraniums. My alpine beds are in need of some attention before too long.

Our colour this year is pink.

I think this is scabiosa, but not sure. Very pretty any way.

Some pansies Brian has growing in a wall basket.

And some more of his geraniums.

Our old hover mower has finally cut it's last blade of grass and we now have a brand new mower. It is a bit bigger and more powerful than the last and so takes even less time cutting the grass. I think we spend more time actually moving pots around than doing the cutting.

First Brian has to put it together.....

And he is doing a super job. I get to supervise and lend the extra hands if needed. Mainly I just go around taking the photos....

Now what cat can resist an open box????

He thinks he looks really cool inside there......LOL

Mower is coming right along!!!

Ohhhhhh silly cat eyes!!!

See I can get out in a single bound!!!!

Here goes the electrical cord on.....

And we have it!!! Our new mower ready to do some cutting!!!

Okay just doing a test cut as the garden was cut just the other day. I think this is going to be a super new friendship..... Man and Mower!!!

Well since all these photos have been taken the garden has come along again and the plants are growing bigger. And we are spending more and more time out in the garden. Luckily today it is raining and getting a much needed soaking. It is amazing how quickly things grow and a garden can change in a few days time.


Crafty Gardener said...

The veg are doing really well, and you certainly have lots in bloom. I think the cat really enjoyed the box for the new mower.

Pat said...

Thanks Linda. It is doing well. We have had some cold temps and lots of rain the past few days here so hopefully it won't undo what has already started growing.