Wednesday, 11 June 2008

June 11th, 2008

Well it seems some of the garden is in full swing and other parts are now on a wait and see... The rose bush in the front was covered with loads of lovely blooms and then the rains hit.... Poor things are all battered and drooping. It had the most blooms I think I have ever seen on it before the rain hit. Same with the pink rose beside it. The smell of these two heritage roses is out of this world. My friend says the pink one smells like turkish delight. Slightly lemony with the rose sent. The other is a strong rose sent with a bit of spice.

Brian is on painting duty.... I have offered to help, but he won't hear of it. And I am trying not to say " you missed a spot...." too many times. He is doing a fantastic job and our old fence looks alot better with what he has done so far....

This lovely rose is one that Brian had planted before I moved here. It is doing super this year and has more blooms than before. We must be doing something right. This one is lovely and has a delicate scent and a big bonus, no thorns.
This pale peachy yellow rose is a patio rose that my friend Marc gave me for my birthday a few years back. There are two of them on our patio and are doing well.
This is a calendula that has over wintered and is so bright and sunny looking.
These are the geraniums Brian has planted along the wall of the conservatory. They are full of blooms.
This lovely flower is our pink Peony. We have this one a white one and....
This firey bright hot pinkish red one.
Another shot of the pink one.
This lovely rose is the one around our front door. Again another delicately scented one.
This is the pink one that smells of Turkish delight.
I can almost smell it just sitting here.


The Urban Chic said...

Pat, your peonies and rose bushes are gorgeous. I don't vist here often enough, because it hurts that I can't do more in my garden, so I am a bit green with envy. Love Ya, PatJ

Pat said...

Thanks Pat, It has been a good year here for roses and peonies.

Crafty Gardener said...

Beautiful blooms Pat. Tell Brian he is doing a fabulous job painting ... and if he wants to paint some more I could find a few jobs for him.