Friday, 19 December 2008

Hedgehog Diary December 19th, 2008

Well you can see that Tiggy is doing fine. Has plenty of food to eat and water to drink. Nice clean bedding too. The straw does tend to get everywhere, but he sure does love burying into it and making a nest with the straw. We are more or less using the paper now to absorb the wet and his bed is often changed during the day. I have given him a new nick name - Stinky pig. And the minute I can smell him through my bunged up nose his bedding is changed.

He seems to be doing fine. We were a bit worried about him not eating the other day, but it could have been maybe I am just so used to the boys eating all the time that I figured so should this little guy. His weight did drop down to 430grams and we haven't weighed him yet today. But we are keeping an eye on his intake of food. Brian has even gone out and found him a worm the other morning. Not sure he ate it though. I think personally I would prefer the cat food to the worm.
Brian has just come in and reported He is eating. :) Like I said we are like two proud parents of a new baby with this little chap.

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