Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hedgehog diaries, February 3rd, 2009

Tiggy is still doing well.... 985 grams well in fact. He has now more than doubled his size since he came to winter with us. I am starting to worry that he won't want to leave. I did give him a little exercise outside the other day. But I think it wore him out as he hid in his little bedroom (which is now an a4 paper box with a door cut out of the side) all day. His little igloo bed room became too small too quick.
I don't know if you all know that Hedgehogs once you get to know them are quite noisy and not the quiet creatures I once thought. But they are pleasant noises and this morning I actually heard him chirp. It was just three small chirps, a bit like a bird makes or the purr of a cat. Then he proceeded to do his grunts and huffs and puffs. Hogs are also quite noisy when they eat with lots of slurps and crunches and smacks. And I love to hear him snuffle around sniffing the new bedding or when we put him out for some exercise and it is something new to him.
I am still very much enamored with my little prickly friend and it is probably a good thing he has prickles as otherwise I would be giving him a cuddle like I do Jingles.

The photo is one I took while he was sitting on Brian's lap while I cleaned his cage. He is usually quite sleepy when I do it and as you can tell all he wants to do is go back to bed.

Tiggy's new Accommodations.

Here he is doing his bit of exercise.

And another exercise photo.

Does my bum look big?

Actually he is longer than this, but it is hard to measure length when he is curled up in a ball.

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P Dunlea said...

Its great to see the little guy doing so well.
Thanks to you both.