Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hedgehog diarires February 21st, 2009

Tiggy is now in transition of heading back to the wild. We moved him back down to the Conservatory so he can start getting used to the cooler temps. By the way the last weigh in he was over 1200grams!!!! That is three times his size when he first arrived. I am so glad we took him in and looked after him and Brian and I are already thinking about next winters hedgehog. We ordered a transition pen for him the other day on Ebay and it should be here this next week. And we can get that all ready for him to go back outside. We bought one that has a side door so that when the time is ready we can just leave that door open and he can come and go as he pleases. And we will set up him a nest box and a feeding box there too. Here are a few photos a friend of ours took when he was visiting.

Everyone that sees him just thinks how lovely and cute he is, and then he does a huff and a Puff and frightens the daylights out of them. And then they endure the bit of hedgehog knowledge I have gained about how wonderful these little guys are, and how you shouldn't feed them slugs and snails but put food down for them and how if we aren't careful and look out for them that they will be extinct before we know it. And they are such dear sweet things really even when they are grumpy and pooing everywhere.


Cottage Smallholder said...

Well done Pat.

I really admire you for doing this and I'm sure that Tiggy does too. In his own way.

Nettie said...

He is so cute...perhaps he'll go off & tell his friends & you'll have new house guests each year.

Pat said...

Thanks Fiona and Nettie. He has been a joy to have around. I know Brian and I are going to miss him, but hopefully he will tell all his little hoggie friends. :)

Leo said...

What a little poppet!
I love hedgeogs but I call them hodge hegs lol!
xx Leo