Wednesday, 13 May 2009

May 13th 2009

The garden is growing!!! And changing!! We had apple blossom on the apple tree and hopefully we will get an apple or two this year. :) But the blossom was so lovely!

At the moment our Mexican Orange bush is blooming like mad. And is quite heady when we sit next to it enjoying a glass of wine after our work in the garden.

Our Rhododendron is blooming and is gorgeous this year.

The potato barrel is producing the next crop of potatoes. :)

And next to it we have a mini potato grow sack, some rhubarb, the plum tree and the currant bushes and in front is tomatoes!!! :) They were started back in February and are doing really well.

I have put out 9 tomato plants in grow bags so far. I have a few more plants in the mini green house which I think may go into pots. Although I do have another grow bag. Just need to find a place to put it.

We thought we had loads of red currants last year. Well I think this year is going to be our best yet!!!!

I may regret this if the weather turns cold, but I have courgettes(zucchini) in the raised bed already. :) And some patty pan and a few varieties of courgettes. Yellow, globe and Lebanese.
I am doing the square foot plan on this bed. I have some lettuce, beans, radishes and a few other things planted in with the squashes. :)

I also have my sweet corn planted in a trough. The wind lately has been beating it about, so I may loose two of them. But I have some others in reserve. I have been doing alot of succession planting this year.

We have the cut and come again lettuces that we are enjoying now!! We have had probably 5 or so salads already. from just these two troughs. :) I have more little ones on their way too.

And here you can see I am well on my way to the next lot of seedlings.

As long as the weather holds out and we do eventually get some rain we are going to have a good year I hope.
Brian's flowers are growing well and my next post hopefully you will see some of his beauties. :)

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