Monday, 22 June 2009

June 22nd, 2009

The garden is growing and growing and.......

This is the veg patch. The new beds are growing like mad as are the veggie pots. And the tomatoes have shot up.

We have had quite a bit of lettuce so far and have enjoyed some of the mange Tout and sugar snap peas already. The corn is going to be knee high by the 4th of July.

I am keeping a really close eye on this little one!!! Can't wait for him to get just a little bit bigger.

I am battling with mildew again this year, but hopefully it won't be as bad as previous years. I pick off any leaves and have sprayed a few times with diluted milk. The plants are getting rather huge leaves on them now. :)

This is my pot of runner beans. My friend Linda said I didn't have a high enough support for them and she was right. I think it would go even higher if I had another cane to top it.

I think runner bean flowers are so beautiful!!

Here are the pepper plants that I started from seed. The flowers are just about to start blooming on them. And then it is wait and see what develops. :)

This is the red currants from the old bush. The new bushes have already turned red and I picked them all yesterday to make some jam. :)

This is an experimental pot. I have some extra tomato plants in it and along with those some beans and maybe some Aubergine(eggplants) too.

And this is my other experiment pot. More extra tomato plants. (I just can't bring myself to throw them out and don't know anyone other than Linda who would want them. Who I gave tons of plants to already.) In this one I have some cucumbers and aubergine plants also growing next to the toms. :)

And here are some of my main crop of tomatoes. :) They are now as tall as their canes.

These two little hiding toms are my first fruits and they are on the smallest plant I have. LOL I think they are ones that should have gone into hanging baskets.

Here are my brassicas..... shhhhhhh don't tell Brian, but some of them are Brussel Sprouts. :) Also lots of parsley and turnips in this bed.

The potatoes are doing super and are taking over and hiding my rhubarb plants.

Our apple tree is doing well this year and we have 6 apples on it!!! I can't wait till they are ready for going into a pie.

They are Bramlies by the way.

Now for some of Brian's flowers...

One of his fuchsias ready to burst forth in bloom.

Our peonies

They had some massive blooms this year.

And are flowering longer too. :)

Our new plants some Osteospernums. We hope to put this in the ground where they will spread and grow again next year.

Now for a few of Brian's Geraniums. :)

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