Sunday, 26 July 2009

July 26th, 2009

The garden has been taken over by hedgehogs!!! (giggle)
You can find out more here.
And the garden is growing like mad!!!! We have harvested peas and loads of lettuce so far along with herbs and strawberries. The red currant bushes have done extremely well this year and our main bush produced 4 lbs worth of fruit, which I made into jam. :)
The apples are getting bigger on the tree and we had two drop off during the June drop.
The weather has been a bit weird and we have just about had rain almost every day now. Which is a blessing as since I am looking after the babies, I don't have enough time or energy to do all the watering. :)
The courgette plants are a bit disappointing. They have mildew again and I have been diligently getting rid of any leaves that I spot that has it. I think next year I will plant them with a black plastic covering on the ground to see if this helps.
The tomatoes are starting to get loads of fruit, but no red ones yet.
The runner beans keep toppling over in the high winds.
The flowers are doing brilliant.
The purple Brussel sprouts are growing and have a few cabbage white eggs on them. We are wanting the caterpillars to feed to the hedgehogs. :)
Hope to get some photos soon, but the camera is full of hedgehog photos as of late. :) Baby hedgehogs are just sooooooo cute.

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