Monday, 4 October 2010

October 4th, 2010

     Hi all, sorry for being away for a long time. I got a bit busy with the hedgehogs. At the moment we have none inside being looked after because we are getting some much needed DIY done on the  place. This week we will be getting new windows and doors. And then in about 10 days we will be getting a new boiler as our old one needed replacing. So hopefully we will be nice and warm this winter and the fuel bills won't be as high.
  I will be changing my blogs around a bit..... This one will become the mostly everyday type and the other one I plan to dedicate to the hedgehogs as they have seemed to have taken it over anyway.
  The garden is looking a bit messy at the moment as we had to move lots and get rid of a few plants in anticipation of the new windows going in. And the veg patch is now needing a good digging in and replanting with some over winter crops. We got so many tomatoes this year I still have 4 large bowls of them ripening in the kitchen now. Another crop besides the tomatoes and lettuces that did really well were our peppers. I grew several varieties this year and some I grew inside in the conservatory. I was really pleased with them. And they spiced up quite a few dishes. I have froze loads of them.
  Unfortunately the apple tree and plum tree didn't do very well. The apple tree got some sort of fungus on the apples and they rotted right on the tree. That was so disheartening. The plums were attacked by ants and aphids.  But our Currants and Rhubarb did very well indeed. And we even managed a few strawberries that Brian enjoyed eating on his breakfast.
  Hopefully I can now start to keep up with my blogs again until we get swamped with more baby hedgehogs. 

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