Tuesday, 22 March 2011

March 22nd, 2011

Yeah!!!!!!!!! Spring is coming or rather it is here. The Spring solstice was yesterday. :) We have lovely spring flowers blooming and popping up all over the place here. I am starting to get itchy gardening fingers again and have started my tomato and pepper seeds. Hopefully next week I can transplant the seedlings to a bigger pot. I also want to get started on some lettuce and radishes and other veg that can be planted at this time. We are still getting a few heavy frosts here so I won't be rushing it this year.
   The new windows and doors have really made a big big difference this year on the heating. Along with the new boiler. Brian still has issues with the front door, but is improving. I have already cleaned the upstairs windows once so far. :) The birds aren't very appreciative of all the food we have supplied them with during the winter months. And hopefully soon the hedgehogs will be going back out where they belong. :) I hope to overhaul the craft room and sort alot of things out in there.
  Unfortuantely we lost our blackbird over winter, and we will miss Hoppity very very much. A new pair of black birds have already moved in and claiming the garden for their territory. We also have a fox who has been visiting for the past week! Hope to put a stop to that. We also seem to have more mice than usual in the garden. Jingles keeps bringing them in for us to see. We have been pretty lucky and released them back to the garden, but this morning one didn't survive. Jingles has been grounded!
    Happy Spring everyone!

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