Saturday, 16 April 2011

April 16th, 2011

Spring has sprung and now it starting to become the growing season here. Flowers keep blooming and we are seeing more and more bees and butterflies returning to the garden too.
The Rhubarb is doing really well and I think tomorrow I may well make a Rhubarb crumble. :) The plum and apple tree have blooms on them and I hope they will do something this year. The magnolia had lots of blooms of which now all the petals are on the ground. It has been a bit dry here this spring.
We put up the green house and I cleaned the raised beds. I even managed to get one of the beds planted with some sugar snap peas and some radish seeds. I have some lettuces sprouting and my tomato and pepper seedlings have been repotted once so far. And it looks like the currant bushes are going to be full again this year with lovely red fruit. :)
  I think our lavender hedge will need digging up and replaced this year. It is looking a bit tired. The hard winter probably didn't do it much good. We lost a few plants from this past winter. So did some of the neighbors. Our next door neighbor had a cordyline plant that looked like a palm tree, it doesn't look so good now. All the leaves are gone from it and it looks a bit odd now with just the trunk and three branch like protrusions sticking in the air.
  We have a plant under the rose bushes that we are keeping an eye on..... Not sure if it is a weed or a plant.  I did plant some love in a mist under there and I think it could well be what this plant is. But not 100 percent certain.  So time will tell.

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